PEN Online (Pre-Export Notification) 

The Pre-Export Notification (PEN) Online is developed by UNODC/International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) and is used by the Member States exporting precursor chemicals to alert the national competent authorities in the importing country with the details of the export transaction. The Pre-Export Notification (PEN) Online System enables easy on-line exchange of information between Member States on shipments (export and import) of the chemicals required for the manufacture of illegal addictive drugs such as heroin, cocaine and amphetamines and to provide the ability to raise alerts to stop suspect shipments before they reach illicit drug manufactures. The system facilitates full electronic reply to acknowledge receipt and notify the exporting country of clearance to export. An electronic copy is sent to INCB by default. It was the recipient of UN 21 Awards in the year 2006.