Ongoing projects: Terrorism prevention

XAC/X50 - "Strengthening Criminal Justice Capacities of Central Asian Countries to Counter Terrorism in Compliance with Principles of Rule of Law"

The project seeks to promote a regional approach to counter terrorism in Central Asia and, at the same time, strengthen capacities of the Central Asian states to address the terrorism- related issues at the national levels while respecting the rule of law. These twoobjectives will be achieved through a) contributing to the improvement of the domestic laws in each country, b) developing thesustainable national capacity building training programmes for the main parties in the criminal justice process, c) increasing theeffectiveness of international cooperation in terrorism-related casework and d) through supporting effective preventive measures viacriminal justice responses to terrorism incitement and recruitment, and facilitation of the regional dialog among the civil societies andthe states for the purpose of preventing radicalization and violent extremism that lead to terrorism.