UNODC Annual Report 2015

UNODC Annual Report 2015 The 2015 Annual Report provides an overview of UNODC's work across the globe in assisting Member States to address the threat posed by drugs, crime and terrorism. In addition to highlighting the Office's achievements for the year, it showcases the human impact of UNODC's work through a series of success stories and the effect on the ground.

The Annual Report covers a wide-range of content, including a forward-looking strategic narrative that places UNODC's efforts within the evolving global policy landscape and sketches broad priorities for the coming few years; thematic chapters on drugs, health and trafficking; transnational organized crime; justice; corruption; terrorism; policy support and public affairs; research, trend analysis and forensics; and independent evaluation; and information on the Office's finances and funding.

Download the full 2015 Annual Report here.


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