Islamic Republic of Iran

Funds and Partnerships

The integrated programme of technical cooperation on drugs and crime in the Islamic Republic of Iran (2011-2014) was developed in consultation with national partners and the Mini-Dublin Group members, the EU presidency in Tehran, as well as representatives of other member states.

As for other UNODC programmes of technical cooperation implemented around the world, funding for this programme shall be drawn exclusively from voluntary contributions of member states.

The programme was launched in March 2011 thanks to a generous financial contribution donated by the Government of Norway. The Government of Denmark and the Government of Germany are also donors. In 2011, the Government of the Islamic Republic of  Iran became a contributor to Sub-Programme 3 of the new Country Programme.

The Mini-Dublin Group in the Islamic Republic of Iran is a key partner to UNODC Iran. In fact, projects and programmes in Tehran have mainly been funded by its members since the office opened in 1999. The 2011-2014 programme is, however, currently underfunded. Voluntary contributions by national and international partners will be warmly welcomed by UNODC Iran.