Islamic Republic of Iran


No available vacancies.

Internship Programme:

UNODC Iran offers 2-4 months internships for students enrolled in a master programme. UNODC Iran provides opportunities for students enrolled in a graduate programme and graduates to undertake an internship position in one of the following units: i) Border Management and Illicit Trafficking, ii) Drug Prevention, Treatment and HIV/AIDS, iii) Crime, Justice and Corruption, iv) Programme Monitoring and Advocacy, or v) Programme Support Unit. Eligible candidates interested in participating in an internship programme at UNODC Iran can apply by sending a cover letter and resume to

The objective of the Internship Programme is:

  • To provide a framework by which interns from diverse academic backgrounds may be assigned to units where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments.
  • To expose them to the work of the United Nations.
  • To provide UNODC Iran with the assistance of highly qualified students specialized in various professional fields.


Translation Internship Programme

UNODC Iran offers a 3 months Translation Internship Programme for post-graduate students in the field of English Translation. Candidates should be fluent in both English and Farsi language and will be subject to a written exam. The accepted applicant will be working under the supervision of the Programme Monitoring and Advocacy Unit of the UNODC Country Office in Iran.

The objective of this programme is to translate articles and web stories to be published on UNODC local web site as well as other relevant office documents from English to Farsi and vice versa.

Eligible candidates interested in participating in the internship programme can apply by sending a cover letter and a resume to


At the moment there is no available internship in UNODC Iran. The first opening will be ُJuly 2014.