UNODC South Eastern Europe on HIV and AIDS


The UNODC Programme will assist governments in reviewing and adapting national and regional HIV policies, strategies and programmes, and facilitate their access to comprehensive human rights and evidence-based HIV prevention, treatment and care interventions for injecting drug users (especially in prison settings). The UNODC assistance will include promoting HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment at the regional level on the basis of international good practices and implementing a multi-disciplinary model for dependence services in HIV/AIDS treatment facilities, especially in prison settings.

Technical assistance will be provided to prevent, control and sustain a reduction of HIV infection among injecting and other drug users. The UNODC will establish an integrated regional strategy on the prevention of HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users by providing support in setting a regional centre on demand reduction treatment and rehabilitation and HIV prevention. UNODC will provide trainings and workshops for social workers and relevant PR offices of respective ministries. Assistance will be provided in creating networks between stakeholders from involved countries/territories as well as between representatives of public institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which is highly relevant to their needs in a field of sharing experience, best practices and lessons learnt.




Ongoing Projects