UNODC South Eastern Europe on Organized Crime


The threat of organized crime is growing ever more present and powerful in the South Eastern Europe region. SEE organized crime groups are active in the region, and recent evidence has indicated their activities have spread to Western Europe.

The profits from the range of organized crime and illicit trade serve only to strengthen the groups and networks active in the SEE. Furthermore, high levels of crime have an impact on institutional and judicial corruption in the region, as bribes are paid, and the kick-backs from crime networks and groups are significantly higher than salaries in the public administration sector. Furthermore, the civil service is still highly politicised and in need of professionalization. Little progress has been made in preventing political interference and limiting the role played by ethnic identity and party membership in public administration.

Further challenges linked to illicit trafficking and the rise in organized crime are increasing numbers of money laundering activities and the possibility of the proceeds from organized crime financing terrorism activities in the region and beyond.


Ongoing Projects