HIV and AIDS: campaigns

Global Campaign

World Aids CampaignEvery year, UNODC joins UNAIDS in the campaign and activities of the World AIDS Day, held every 1 December.

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ArgentinaCampaigns in Argentina

Campaigns of the AIDS and STD Department - Ministry of Health of Argentina


Campaigns in Brazil

Throughout more than 20 years of epidemic, Brazil was one of the first countries in the world to stop associating AIDS to death in its campaigns. In contrast to this trend, the AIDS communication in the country started to privilege respect to human rights, information, self-esteem appreciation and encouragement to the use of condoms.

Campaigns promoted by the STDs, Aids and Viral Hepatitis Department of the Health Ministry


Carnaval 2012 Carnival 2012 - When excited - anything can happen. But it doesn´t not happen without condom. Always have one with you.
Description: Young gays between age of 15 and 24 years are the main focus of the Ministry of Health´s campaign for carnival this year, because the number of cases in homosexual population of 15-24 years olds increased by 10,1% between 1998 and 2010, according to the 2011 epidemological bulletin. For more information on campaign, acessa here (in Portuguese).

Meu nome não é aids My name is not AIDS
Description: People living with HIV/AIDS can work, study, date, start a family, work out, just as everybody else. People living with HIV/AIDS just cannot live with prejudice.

Campanha CNBB National Conference of Brazilian Bishops' (CNBB) Campaign
Description: The STDs, Aids and Viral Hepatitis Department of the Health Ministry and the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops (CNBB) come together for an unprecedented and historical action. The Catholic Church will mobilize its pastorals (diocesan bodies which carry out the pastoral work of the Church) and religious movements, as well as health services and the media, to raise awareness among their faithful on the importance of AIDS testing for the general population and syphilis testing for pregnant women. With the slogan "Declare your love for yourself", the campaign will be broadcast to the general public.

Dia Mundial de Luta contra a Aids 2011 World AIDS day 2011 - AIDS does not discriminate. Prevent.

Description: December 1st is celebrated as the World AIDS day. 2011 campaign focused on young homosexuals in the age of 15-24  from social classes C,D and E.

All campaigns of the STDs, Aids and Viral Hepatitis Department of the Health Ministry (in Portuguese).


ChileCampaigns in Chile Hazteelexamen

Chile´s Ministry of Healthcare launched a campaign - Make a test (Hazte el examen), that provides information on prevention, testing and treatment.