National Workshop on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters relating to Terrorist Cases

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Organized by the Government of Mongolia, with the support from the Terrorism Prevention Branch, UNODC


Group photo of the participants
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ULANBAATAR (Mongolia), 24 - 25 March 2009 - Organized by the Government of Mongolia, with the support of the Terrorism Prevention Branch of UNODC, the workshop gathered officials from various law enforcement agencies, including representatives from the National Combat-Terrorism Coordination Council, as the most prominent national body on counter-terrorism measures, including legislative development and policy making.

The workshop mainly focuses on legal analysis of Mongolian laws related to counter-terrorism, including the Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Law, and Law against Terrorism of 2004. Through the discussion, UNODC recommended legislative measures and legal improvement to fully implement the thirteen conventions/protocols that Mongolia has already ratified. It was recommended that Mongolia becomes State Party to the three remaining legal international instruments to counter terrorism.

As a result of the discussion the participants, including the Director of Law and Treaty Affairs and the Secretary General of the National Combat-Terrorism Coordination Council, agreed on a workplan to submit the required notifications to the UNODC Special Treaty Event in Vienna and to develop a tighter cooperation in order to enhance the national legislative framework.