Our work at a glance

UNODC Sub-Programme on Anti-Corruption for Southeast-Asia aims to more effectively prevent, raise awareness of, detect, investigate and prosecute corruption, and to support of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). We work with Member States in the region to enhance the capacities of national anti-corruption bodies, through the provision of technical assistance, training and research. At present, the Sub-Programme covers 11 countries in the region including 10 ASEAN countries (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam), as well as Timor-Leste.


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Our latest stories




  Building Cases against Corruption in Viet Nam

  Developing Asset Declaration in Timor-Leste

  Enhancing CSO and Media Engagement in Southeast Asia

  Assessing Health Sector Procurement Risks in Timor-Leste

  Facilitating Beneficial Ownership Disclosures in the Philippines

  Strengthening Witness and Suspect Interviews on Financial Crime in Thailand

  Beneficial Ownership Regulations and Company Registries in Southeast Asia

  Corruption Risk Assessment with the Thailand Department of National Parks

  Assessing the Digital Financial Threat Landscape in Indonesia

  Supporting Consultations on the Inspection Law in Viet Nam

  UNODC Anti-Corruption Training on Financial Crime Investigations in the Philippines

  Promoting Ethical Anti-Corruption Practices in Indonesia


  Integrating Lessons Learnt from the Covid Crisis

  Enhancing Anti-Corruption Cooperation in Thailand

  Paving the Way for the Regulation of Lobbying Practices in Viet Nam

  Pioneering Open Data Standards in the Philippines

  Refining Anti-Corruption Legislation in Viet Nam

  Strengthening Anti-Corruption Investigations in Cambodia

  Strengthening Beneficial Ownership Investigations in Indonesia

  Building Cooperation on Asset Recovery in Indonesia

  Monitoring Assets of Public Officials in Southeast Asia

  Webinar on Strengthening Law Enforcement Integrity

  Enhancing Forensic Accounting Practices in Thailand

  Sharing Anti-Corruption Best Practices in Thailand

  Webinar on Combating Corruption Involving Vast Quantities of Assets in Indonesia

  Formulating Data-Driven Anti-Corruption Approaches Across Southeast Asia

  Promoting Open Data to Fight Corruption in Indonesia

  Addressing High-Level Conflict of Interest in Southeast Asia

  Strengthening Anti-Corruption Investigations in Viet Nam

  Strengthening Anti-Corruption Investigations in Lao PDR

  Promoting Beneficial Ownership Disclosure in Indonesia

  Strengthening the Fight Against Corruption in Timor Leste

  Coordinating the Fight Against Corruption in Indonesia

  Preventing Corruption in Public Procurement in Cambodia

  Promoting Open Source Intelligence Techniques to Investigate Corruption in Southeast Asia

  Introduction to Role of Data Analytics in Anti-Corruption and Fraud



  Applying Non-Conviction Based Asset Forfeiture Measures in Viet Nam

  Responding to Corruption Risks in the Context of Covid-19

  Preventing Corruption in Procurement through Big Data

  Celebrating International Anti-Corruption Day in the Lao PDR

  Addressing Corruption Risks in Procurement

  Public Procurement Reform in Indonesia

  Preventing Corruption Through Data Analytics in Southeast Asia

  Identifying corruption through financial investigations in Indonesia

  Advancing the Judicial Fight Against Corruption in Viet Nam

  Supporting Financial Investigations into Corruption in Cambodia

  Who is Hiding Corrupt Money? UNODC Webinar on Promoting Transparent Beneficial Ownership in Southeast Asia

  Enhancing Corruption Investigations in Viet Nam

  Promoting Anti-Corruption Measures in Indonesia

  Beneficial Ownership Regulations and Company Registries in Southeast Asia

  Covid-19 Emergency Packages in Southeast Asia

  UNODC and Viet Nam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development join forces to prevent corruption and fraud in procurement

  UNODC assists Viet Nam in efforts to strengthen the implementation of Anti-Corruption legislation

  UNODC Country Office in Myanmar received 800.000 USD from Siemens Integrity Initiative


October - December 2019

  Regional Workshop on Denying Safe Haven to Corrupt Officials and Stolen Assets

  Engaging Businesses against Corruption in Cambodia

  Regional workshop: International cooperation in complex, cross-border corruption crimes in Southeast Asia

  Developing a national coordination mechanism to recover stolen assets in Cambodia

  Developing competencies and training curriculum for corruption investigators in Indonesia


July - September 2019

  Investigating grand corruption in Southeast Asia


April - June 2019

  Promoting inclusive policy reforms in Southeast Asia

  Supporting students to develop their own anti-corruption campaigns at the Myanmar Youth Integrity Camp 2019

January - March 2019

  Open datasets in Thailand: How can we use open data for transparency?

  Opaque deals threatening Indonesia's resources: 3 priorities for a new Anti-Corruption Law
  Corruption investigations in the Greater Mekong Subregion
  Uncovering unexplained wealth in Southeast-Asia
  New strategies to prevent corruption in the Maldives and Sri Lanka

August - December 2018

  Snapshot of key achievements UNODC supported in 2018 in Southeast-Asia
  Anti-Corruption activities 2018 in Southeast-Asia in numbers
  Promoting police integrity in Thailand
  Improving corruption complaints mechanisms in Lao PDR
  Civil society roundtable sets future priorities in ASEAN region
  UNODC and KPK pilot a Corruption Risk Assessment in South-Sumatra forests, Indonesia
  Indonesia shares progress towards UNCAC implementation
  Mitigating corruption risks in public procurement in rural areas in Viet Nam
  The Anti-Corruption Commission in Timor-Leste builds its investigative capacities
  Malaysia brings about positive changes towards business integrity in the ASEAN region
  Embracing digitalization: how can anti-corruption agencies in ASEAN apply innovative tools in the fight against corruption?
  Focus on corporate liability for corruption in ASEAN: holding businesses responsible for corruption offences
  Addressing corruption risks in public procurement in agriculture in Viet Nam
  Protecting witnesses and whistle-blowers in Timor-Leste
  Financial investigations and cross-border cooperation in complex corruption cases
  Addressing the interplay between gender and corruption
  Bhutan and Iran review Thailand's implementation of the UNCAC Chapters on Preventive Measures and Asset Recovery
  Mentoring sessions for investigators in Myanmar to detect corruption cases

April - June 2018

  Report on International Cooperation for Corruption Investigations in Southeast Asia
  Developing income and asset declaration systems
  Fostering awareness on nexus between corruption and transnational organized crime
  Addressing corruption risks in public procurement in Myanmar
  Developing the code of conduct for public officials in Cambodia
  Building capacity for corruption investigations across the region
  Financial investigations and links to money laundering training workshops in Nepal and Bhutan
  UNODC, Singapore collaborate to boost corruption investigations in the Asia-Pacific
  Cambodia kicks-off Second Review Cycle of the UNCAC Implementation Review Mechanism
  Targeting the link between corruption & human trafficking

January - March 2018

  Fostering awareness on nexus between corruption and terrorism
  Supporting Myanmar in developing a national anti-corruption strategy and action plan
  Building capacity for corruption investigations in Southeast-Asia
  Developing the code of ethics for judges in Viet Nam
  Income and asset declaration systems in Southeast Asia
  Open data for anti-corruption efforts in Thailand - Bringing the agenda forward


  Celebrating women fighting corruption on the International Anti- Corruption Day
  SEA PAC countries and NGOs to strengthen access to information and participatory decision- making in Southeast Asia
  Prevention of corruption through codes of conduct and conflict of interest regimes
  Conducting corruption and financial investigations in Lao PDR
  Addressing corruption risks in public procurement, a priority in Indonesia and across Southeast Asia
  UNODC to take on corruption enabling forced labour in the fishing industry
  Preventing corruption in public procurement to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
  Indonesia strengthens measures to crack down on corporate corruption
  Civil Society and Private Sector on Fast-Tracking UNCAC implementation in SEA
  Recommendations on Fast-Tracking UNCAC implementation in SEA


  UNODC to launch Joint Action Plan to curtail corruption in South and Southeast Asia
  Workshop on Amendments of Anti-Corruption Law - Viet Nam
  Liability of legal persons and foreign bribery laws needed to fight corruption in Southeast Asia
  Supporting Lao PDR to pursue sustainable growth through corruption eradication
  Regional workshop will help countries with the effective protection of whistleblowers to #endsilence on corruption cases
  Governments and private sector come together to fight business sector corruption in ASEAN countries
  Helping Myanmar tackle corruption: it's time for a change