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UNODC strengthens partnership with Korea: the Anti-Drug Liaison Officials' Meeting for International Cooperation celebrates its 20th anniversary

Seoul (Republic of Korea), 18 October 2010
- From 3 to 5 October, the Supreme Prosecutors' Office of Korea held its annual Anti-Drug Liaison Officials' Meeting for International Cooperation (ADLOMICO). This year marks the 20th anniversary of ADLOMICO and since its inception in 1989, ADLOMICO has assumed an important role in drug control by promoting cooperation among law enforcement officers and prosecutors from member States.

ADLOMICO gives participants the opportunity to exchange information on drugs and explore new solutions for better controlling the supply of and the demand for illicit drugs and chemicals used in the manufacture of those drugs (so-called "precursor chemicals").

During his opening address at the twentieth edition of ADLOMICO, Joon Gyu Kim, Prosecutor General of Korea expressed his hope that "this meeting will open new avenues of international cooperation and Korea will keep supporting other nations' efforts to win the war against drugs."

Gary Lewis, UNODC Regional Representative for East Asia and the Pacific, delivered a message to the 160 participants on behalf of Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of UNODC: "ADLOMICO is recognized on a global scale as having done a great deal during the past two decades to serve as an exemplary mechanism for promoting understanding, not only among law enforcement officers but also between law enforcement and the prosecution service in many countries across Asia."

Mr. Lewis also spoke about drug trends in the region and highlighted the role UNODC plays in providing knowledge and expertise.

Joonmyung Lee, UNODC Senior Prosecutorial and Judicial Adviser, introduced "Towards AsiaJust", a capacity-building project on asset recovery designed especially for prosecutors.

Mr. Lee emphasized the need to improve legal frameworks, especially with regards to money-laundering and asset forfeiture in the region. He said that "developing mutual understanding between prosecutors and law enforcement officials is essential in order to effectively fight transnational organized crime."

The ADLOMICO meeting has allowed the Supreme Prosecutors' Office of Korea and UNODC to strengthen their partnership, and the Supreme Prosecutors' Office reaffirmed its commitment to support the regional programme of UNODC. In addition, meeting participants expressed the view that UNODC participation had allowed them to gain a better understanding of the Office's regional programme.