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The Ministry of Public Security in Viet Nam and UNODC consult on drug control and crime prevention

Hanoi (Viet Nam), 2 February 2011
- On 17 January, the Ministry of Public Security of Viet Nam and UNODC held a consultation meeting tasked with reviewing UNODC assistance in drug control and crime prevention matters as well as identifying key areas for cooperation in 2011.

The consultative meeting was co-chaired by Major General Vu Hung Vuong and Ms. Zhuldyz Akisheva, UNODC Country Manager.

Opening the meeting, Major General Vuong acknowledged and praised the support provided by UNODC to the Government of Viet Nam in implementing the National Drug Control Plan and in helping develop the National Drug Control Strategy till 2020.

UNODC assistance to Viet Nam resulted in an increase of operational results by law enforcement agencies, thus contributing to the improvement of national efforts against drugs and crime. During the consultation, Major General Vuong outlined newly emerging challenges such as cyber crime and other types of emerging criminal activities that require strengthened cooperation between the Government of Viet Nam and UNODC.

UNODC Country Manager, Ms. Akisheva provided detailed information on UNODC 2010 Viet Nam programme implementation and development. Ms. Akisheva put forward some suggestions on further improvement of cooperation in 2011 such as the simplification of approval procedures for projects, the active involvement of law enforcement agencies into the national consultation process for the next One United Nations Plan and the possible development of a country programme for a more strategic framework for UNODC assistance to Viet Nam. As a matter of fact, special attention was devoted to the One UN development, which provides the overall framework for cooperation with the Government of Viet Nam.

UNODC distributed several in-house publications, including the menu of services, translated into Vietnamese, the anti-human trafficking manual for criminal justice practitioners and other relevant agency documents.

The meeting was attended by 45 high-level ministry officials and representatives from the Police Investigation Departments on Economic Crime, Drugs, Corruption, Cyber Crime, Crimes Against Social Order, the Health Department, the Legal Department, the Department of Foreign Relations, the Standing Office on Drugs and Crime, the Institute for Forensic Sciences, the Immigration Department, the Police Academy, the Police Internal Oversight Department, the National Interpol Bureau as well as by UNODC experts.