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The Government of Japan and UNODC support street children in Pattaya

Pattaya (Thailand), 18 March 2011 - On 8 March a delegation from the Government of Japan led by Mr. Takahiro Inagaki, First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Thailand conducted a field visit to the Child Protection and Development Centre (CPDC) in Pattaya. The purpose of the visit was to observe the impact of Japanese funding to UNODC in support of CPDC and their work with street children. Pattaya, a popular beach resort in Thailand, has in recent years become synonymous with sex-tourism. Vulnerable street children, living homeless and often desolate lives, are often preyed upon by child-sex tourists and paedophiles.

The UNODC project seeks to strengthen the outreach capacity of the CPDC. With increased outreach it is envisaged that children at direct risk of exploitation and sexual abuse can be quickly offered shelter, counseling and skills to regain their childhood, and hopefully be reintegrated into their families, communities and schools.

When being interviewed by Pattaya Mail Television, Mr. Inagaki stated "we are overwhelmed by the situation of child abuse in Pattaya but we are very impressed by what they are doing and we are very proud that we can help them."