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Indonesian law enforcement agencies make corruption eradication their priority

Semarang (Indonesia), 18 May 2011 - Between 11 and 21 April, two workshops on the "Integrated Management of Corruption" were delivered at the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC). The workshops were opened by Commissioner General Nanan Soekarna, Deputy Chief of the Indonesian National Police and Mr. Busyro Muqoddas, Head of the Corruption Eradication Commission, along with Brigadier General Boy Salamuddin, Executive Director of the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation.

The two workshops were designed with the aim of enabling greater understanding, improved communication and better cooperation between the various agencies involved in the national fight against corruption. The workshops brought together representatives of key investigative agencies to raise the awareness of each other's strategies, limitations and requirements, and provided participants with an opportunity to consider and recommend ways in which the national interest can be better achieved.

Each speaker stressed the importance of a collaborative approach between law enforcement agencies to fight corruption in Indonesia. "The Government has made the eradication of corruption a priority in its national policy and is committed to realizing sustainable and clean governance free from corruption, collusion and nepotism and set it as targets for national bureaucracy reform", said Commissioner General Soekarna. He added that the Governments efforts to combat corruption crime rates continues to be undertaken because this crime is transnational and present on a global scale.

The workshops solicited a high level of cooperation and team spirit between the various syndicates, particularly when it came to sharing expertise on anti-corruption investigations. The signing of an 'Integrity Pact' and a commitment by the participants to address the barriers that prevent the successful investigation of corruption cases were amongst the workshops notable outcomes.

"Eradication of corruption is not always about the amount of money that has harmed the country but rather about the eradication of acts of corruption, " concluded Mr. Muqoddas, Head of the Corruption Eradication Commission.

A total of 46 senior officers participated in the workshops, drawn from the Indonesian National Police, the Attorney General's Office, the Corruption Eradication Commission, the Financial and Development Supervision Board, the Directorate General of Tax, the Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center and Indonesia Corruption Watch.

The workshops were delivered at the request of the Chief of the Indonesian National Police as part of the European Union funded project which is implemented by UNODC, designed to assist the Indonesian National Police in raising their capacity in dealing with corruption and transnational crime.