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Piloting Community Based Drug Counseling Services in Vientiane


Article from UNODC
Published: 13/09/2012
Newspaper section: International Cooperation
Photos: UNODC


Vientiane, 13th September 2012 - Drug abuse remains a serious problem for society in the Lao PDR. Drug abuse contributes to misery, violence, and crime. It is a problem that affects not only the drug users but also their families and communities. Amphetamine Type Stimulants abuse has overtaken opium as the main threat to health. Previous years have seen significant increases in seizures of methamphetamine in the Lao PDR and increasing numbers of youth seeking treatment. Residential based treatment has been the main approach in the Lao PDR. Recently the Government of the Lao PDR has commenced piloting of community based approaches to address this serious problem. [Read More]