ASEAN-PAC Capacity Building Workshop

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Jakarta (Indonesia), 30-31 May 2023 – In coordination with the Indonesian KPK and Cambodian ACU, on 30-31 May 2023, UNODC held a capacity building workshop in Jakarta Indonesia, with the theme of: “Anti-Corruption Education and Corruption Prevention Strategies on a National Scale.” The aim of this workshop was to provide a platform to anti-corruption practitioners and experts from among the ASEAN-PAC Parties, within and outside the ASEAN region, to share best practices and experiences which contribute to the legislative and strategies development and enhance the institutional capacity of the ASEAN-PAC Parties on anti-corruption education and preventive measures in combating corruption. Specifically, the workshop focused on the following learning materials:

a. Anti-corruption education program;
b. Public participation in eradicating corruption;
c. Corruption prevention in the public sector.

The workshop participants were able to draw lessons learned from the experts and anti-corruption practitioners, as well as from each other among the ASEAN-PAC parties. Participants also learned effective strategies in preventing corruption as well as anti-corruption education in the public sector.

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The workshop provided participants the opportunities to participate in interactive both mid-level and technical dialogues, working group discussions and networking opportunities, and also to obtain lesson learned and best practices on Anti-corruption Education and Corruption Prevention in the ASEAN Countries followed by discussion and what is next.

The workshop consisted of 7 sessions with each session consisting of presentation from 3-4 panelists of experts or practitioners from the ASEAN countries or international organizations and focused on topics including:

  • Increasing Public Participation in the Anti-Corruption Efforts including through the Use of Digital Technologies;
  • Best Practices and Lesson Learned in Creating Anti-Corruption Ecosystem in the Education Sector and Framework for Anti-Corruption Education;
  • Framework for Creating Anti-Corruption Ecosystem in the Education Sector;
  • National Framework and Initiatives to Promote Transparency and Accountability of Public Service;
  • Public Sector Integrity Measurement;
  • Corruption Prevention and Enhancing Transparency in Government Procurement;
  • Group Discussion on Lessons Learned and Best Practices on Anti-Corruption Education and Corruption Prevention in the ASEAN Countries.
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Participants were also divided into 4 groups to discuss “Lessons Learned and Best Practices on Anti-Corruption Education in ASEAN Countries in the Context of Current Global Challenges and Conditions.”

Each group suggested which actions/initiatives ASEAN-PAC can take to increase cooperation in implementing anti-corruption education and corruption prevention and delivered a presentation on the outcomes of their respective group discussions.

At the end of day-2 workshop, ACU as the current Chair of the ASEAN-PAC summarized the outcomes of the 7th session discussion, drew conclusions, and outlined next steps for the ASEAN-PAC based on the group discussions of lessons learned and best practices in anti-corruption education and corruption prevention. The workshop was attended by 30 participants in-person and included the representatives of ASEAN-PAC countries, and Timor Leste.

This event was conducted as part of a package of activities funded by the Kingdom of Denmark.

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