Pre-competition Anti-Corruption Workshop for Police Cadets

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Jakarta (Indonesia), 4 June 2023 – UNODC, in collaboration with the Indonesia National Police, is organizing a Police Cadets Essay Competition on strengthening ethics and integrity within the police force. The competition will be conducted in parallel in 4 countries in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam). In preparation for the competition, UNODC and INP conducted a pre-competition workshop on integrity and anti-corruption for 100 police cadets, including 25 women.

Several noteworthy speakers contributed to this event, including Dian Rachmawati from KPK, Laode Syarif from Kemitraan (NGO) – subject matter expert and representative of civil society organizations, as well as Bareskrim Polri and Kombes Pol Eko Wahyuniawan from the Police Directorate of Corruption Crime.

Ms. Putri Wijayanti from UNODC highlighted the relevance of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) to prevent corruption in the police force. She underlined the importance of Human Resource Management within the disciplinary of code of ethics as required under the Article 7 and 8 of UNCAC, including conflict of interest prevention and gift management.

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Ms. Rachmawati from KPK discussed strategies to strengthen ethics and integrity in public institutions. KPK also explained the National Integrity Index that the organization conducts annually. The index measures the risk of corruption in each ministry/agency and the sub-national governments, including the Indonesia National Police. KPK explained the low score obtained by the Indonesia National Police as being due to high risk of bribery and gratification incidents.

Mr. Syarif from Kemitraan explained the high risk of corruption in Indonesia and the responsibility of the police force to fight against corruption and address related challenges, including possible corruption within the police force itself.

Mr. Wahyuniawan from Directorate of Corruption Crime, Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim), Indonesia National Police was underlined the implementation of the Police Code of Ethics and Conduct in order to prevent corruption. He also addressed the risk of corruption within the police force.

This pre-essay competition workshop instilled the police cadets in attendance with valuable subject matter information in preparation for the upcoming essay competition later in 2023. UNODC is committed to continuing the partnership with the Indonesian KPK and National Police in strengthening ethics and integrity both within the police force and broader society.

This activity was conducted with funding provided from the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark.

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