The Challenge:

Human trafficking within the region is dynamic and there are several different sub-regional patterns and forms of trafficking, including for sexual exploitation, forced begging, forced marriage, and sale of virginity.

Capacity to deal with human trafficking varies, although there are some common challenges shared by most if not all countries, in particular Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam.

What we do:

UNODC enhances the capacities and skills of law enforcement agencies to effectively identify and combat human trafficking operations, working with Member States to:

  1. Strengthen policy and legislative frameworks;
  2. Enhance capabilities in identification, investigation and case preparation and prosecution;
  3. Improve standards to identify and support victims;
  4. Increase availability of information/data made on the nature and scale of human trafficking in the region; and
  5. Enhance cooperation on a bilateral, regional and international level.

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