Mystery Shopper Training in Indonesia

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Bogor (Indonesia), 9 June 2023 – In 2022, the Indonesian Supreme Court partnered with UNODC to enhance the capabilities of its Internal Monitoring Unit, known as the Badan Pengawas Mahkamah Agung, in conducting internal investigations and gathering evidence for complaints received through the whistleblowing system. This capacity building initiative greatly benefited the work of the Badan Pengawas Mahkamah Agung, enabling them to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Anti-bribery Management System in Indonesian courts.

Building on this success, in 2023, the Badan Pengawas Mahkamah Agung approached UNODC once again for support. This time, the request was to assist in a capacity building program focused on Mystery Shopper activities, which involved basic surveillance and undercover work. The objective was to enhance the monitoring mechanism overseeing court officials, including judges, as requested by the Chief Supreme Court.

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In collaboration with the Supreme Court Supervisory Body, UNODC provided support for the capacity building program by organizing a Mystery Shopper Training. This training took place on June 8-9, 2023, with the participants engaging in field practice activities at two different courts: the Religion Court of Cibinong and the County Court of Cibinong, both located in Bogor. The aim of the field exercises was to simulate real-life situations for evidence gathering, including operation planning meetings and team gatherings. The training was conducted through in-class sessions and field exercises for 20 newly recruited agents of the Badan Pengawas Mahkamah Agung. To facilitate the training, tools such as mobile surveillance cameras and cars were provided. The participants were divided into four teams, each assigned one car and surveillance tools for the field exercises.

The training aimed to enable the Supreme Court Supervisory Body to monitor the judges' and other court personnel's compliance with their duties and the delivery of court services, ensuring the prevention of corruption within the courts. The training covered various topics, including an introduction to intelligence, the intelligence process, information collection and investigation, as well as surveillance and undercover exercises. These exercises included role-play profiling, information collection, and reporting.

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The field practices aimed to provide participants with a hands-on experience of being a Mystery Shopper agent, including understanding their duties and the challenges involved in achieving mission objectives. The exercises offered valuable insights into the dos and don'ts of being a Mystery Shopper agent. By conducting field practices in different cities, Jakarta and Bogor, the training exposed the participants to varying court environments. Jakarta's courts were busy, while Bogor's courts were comparatively quieter. This exposure allowed the participants to adapt to different situations and gain diverse perspectives.

Overall, the training was well received by the participants, as it fostered two-way discussions about Mystery Shopper activities and provided practical exercises that challenged their understanding of their roles and missions as agents.

This activity was funded by the Kingdom of Denmark.

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