Regional Programme

Our Regional Programme (RP) outlines the proposed scope and focus of UNODC's work in Southeast Asia. It provides a framework for delivering a coherent programme of work to:

(i) give clear focus to supporting Member States and regional partners in achieving priority crime and drug outcomes in the region; and

(ii) increase the responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of UNODC's support to the region.

The Regional Programme covers the following five thematic sub-programmes, formulated to assist Member States with the most pressing regional concerns:

  1. Transnational Organised Crime and Illicit Trafficking
  2. Anti-Corruption
  3. Terrorism Prevention
  4. Criminal Justice
  5. Drug and Health, and Alternative Development

Governance and Implementation

Strategic oversight and direction for the RP is provided by a Programme Governance Committee (PGC), including Member State representatives with secretarial and technical support from the Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ROSEAP). The PGC meets annually to review RP progress and provide policy guidance and strategic advice.

Oversight and coordination of the RP is the responsibility of the Regional Representative based in Bangkok, with support from the ROSEAP management and expert team.

The focus on planning, monitoring and evaluation ensures that the overall programme of work makes substantive contributions to the achievement of mutually agreed outcomes. This will also ensure regular reporting of achievements at the level of outcomes and outputs.

Regional Representative

Jeremy Douglas
Regional Representative
Southeast Asia and the Pacific
(+66-2) 288-2100