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UNODC invited to deliver anti-money laundering training to the Cambodian Royal Judicial Academy

Phnom Penh (Cambodia), 7 October 2014
- In early August, UNODC's Global Program against Money Laundering (GPML) advisor to Cambodia was invited to spend two days at the Royal Cambodian Judicial Academy providing students with information on recent changes to the Cambodian Anti-Money Laundering and the Counter Financing of Terrorism law and the need to meet international standards on effectiveness on money laundering when conducting future investigations and prosecutions. Under recently revised international standards issued by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) jurisdictions are expected to conduct parallel financial investigations into predicate crimes to support money laundering and terrorist financing prosecutions and increase the use of asset forfeiture.

In a joint initiative with the US Treasury Office for Technical Assistance, GPML spent time with some 60 students from the Academy who will be the prosecutors and Judges of tomorrow. Delivering a number of sessions on international AML/CFT standards, the changes to future country AML/CFT assessments and the elements of the revised money laundering law in Cambodia, it is hoped the two day work shop will have raised the awareness of students at the academy in both the detail of Cambodia's revised AML/CFT law and the need for Cambodia to effectively apply it's AML/CFT provisions.

The two day workshop at the Academy followed earlier workshops in Phnom Penh in July when over 100 Judges and Prosecutors from all provinces received similar training to help Cambodia meet international standards.