Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Prevention

Thirteenth Session of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Prevention (15-17 June 2022)

It is currently planned that the session will be held in person – although participants will be able to observe the proceedings online, there will be very limited opportunities for statements delivered remotely through the online platform. Further information on the format of the session will be communicated in due course and will also be available on this website.

General Information
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Session documents
Document Symbol Topic
CAC/COSP/WG.4/2022/1 Annotated agenda and provisional organization of work of the 13th session of the Working Group on Prevention
CAC/COSP/WG.4/2022/2 Use of information and communications technologies for the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption
CAC/COSP/WG.4/2022/3 Anti-corruption awareness-raising, education, training and research
CAC/COSP/WG.4/2022/4 Status of implementation of Conference resolutions 9/3 and 9/6, on the prevention of corruption

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For reasons of economy, documentation for the session will be printed in limited quantities. Delegates are therefore requested to bring their own copies to the session.
MESSAGE IMPORTANT: Pour des raisons économiques, la documentation de la session sera imprimée en quantité limitée. Les délégués sont invités à se munir de leurs propres documents lors de la session.

Information provided by States parties and signatories in advance of the meeting

The Working Group had recommended at its second intersessional meeting that in advance of each future meeting of the Working Group, States parties should be invited to share their experiences of implementing the provisions under consideration, preferably by using the self-assessment checklist and including, where possible, successes, challenges, technical assistance needs, and lessons learned in implementation (CAC/COSP/WG.4/2011/4, paragraph 12). 

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