Programme on Monitoring Information on drug Supply Statistics and Epidemiology (PROMISE)

Building capacity and improving data on drug supply, drug use and associated harm

PROMISE aims at:

Improvement of drug abuse data collection by Member States in order to enhance data reliability and the comparability of information provided, by

a) Strategic development of drug use and supply data collection, through capacity development and support in generating data, in countries and regions where large gaps remain

b)Develop cost effective methods for increasing data collection on drug use within other existing data collection systems and other approaches as appropriate

c)Develop a mechanism to ensure that existing data on drug use and related harms is identified in a timely manner and incorporated into UNODC synthesis of drug use situation in a systematic and comprehensive manner

d)Develop a well established advocacy role promoting and improving epidemiological data on drug use and related programmes at the global, regional and national levels

e)Further establish UNODC's profile as the lead agency with the skills and capacity to provide expert guidance to Member States on illicit drugs research at multiple levels.