Statement of the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, on International Migrants Day       


18 December 2014 -There is seemingly no end to tragic reports of migrants losing their lives on desperate voyages to safer havens. These perilous journeys undertaken by hundreds of thousands of women, men and children are mostly facilitated by criminal smuggling rings.  Read more

Former illicit crop farmers supply cocoa to Austrian chocolate maker    

16 December 2014 - A partnership between the Colombian and Austrian governments, UNODC, and the Austrian fair trade chocolate manufacturer Zotter has just been launched, with the introduction of a new premium chocolate bar - branded as Labooko - Kolumbien Kakao 75%.   Read more

New trends and regional differences in the manufacturing of methamphetamineg 

15 September 2014 - The illicit manufacture of methamphetamine has traditionally been concentrated in North America (primarily in Mexico and the United States) and East and South-East Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand), close to the major consumer markets. The latest UNODC's Global SMART Update study, however, shows that it has recently spread to other countries such as Guatemala, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.    Read more

... July 30, 2014 -   The President of Colombia acknowledges the work of UNODC on the World Day Against Human Trafficking 

...  June 26, 2014 -     UNODC 2013 survey: coca cultivation area unchanged in Colombia, prices and value of crop markedly down

...  June 26, 2014 -   Global drug use prevalence stable, says UNODC World Drug Report 2014

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