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June 2018 – UNODC World Drug Report 2018: The range of NPS has never been greater

VIENNA, Austria – June 2018: The range of psychoactive substances available on the market has probably never been greater. Close to 500 NPS were available on the global market in 2016. Among all NPS reported to UNODC by the end of 2017, synthetic cannabinoids constitute the largest category in terms of the number of different substances reported (251 substances), followed by the categories of “other substances” (155), synthetic cathinones (148) and phenethylamines (136). Only a comparatively small number of tryptamines, piperazines, aminoindanes and plant-based NPS are reported annually. The category of “other substances”, which includes structurally diverse substances, has grown considerably, especially since 2014, totalling 155 substances by the end of 2017. This category includes NPS-derivatives of prescription medicines, including fentanyl analogues and derivatives of benzodiazepine.

Figure 1. Number of new psychoactive substances reported annually, 2009–2016

Source: UNODC, early warning advisory on new psychoactive substances.


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UNODC World Drug Report 2018 – Booklet 3


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