Global Judicial Integrity Network

Corruption in the justice system - whether actual or perceived - poses a real threat to confidence in the rule of law. 

The Global Judicial Integrity Network aims to assist judiciaries across the globe in strengthening judicial integrity and preventing corruption in the justice sector, in line with article 11 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption

UNODC has been providing assistance to Member States in strengthening judicial integrity, accountability and professionalism since 2000, by supporting the development of the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct and producing various tools to help judiciaries to that effect.

August 25, 2021

The Global Judicial Integrity Network: Implementing Artificial Intelligence Projects in Judiciaries

Chief Justice Salika and Ms. Alison Holt of the Judiciary of Papua New Guinea describe their ongoing efforts to digitization judicial processes, as well as explore the potential uses of AI to improve efficiency.

Judicial Wellbeing and Its Implication for Access to Justice
The Global Judicial Integrity Network: Improving Access to Justice through Judicial Outreach
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Strengthening Judicial Integrity through Inclusiveness and Diversity: A Canadian Perspective
January 18, 2022

Strengthening Judicial Integrity through Inclusiveness and Diversity: A Canadian Perspective

Diverse judiciaries produce better justice. Diversity enhances judicial thinking and perspective. Diverse judges alter the judicial discourse. Diversity and inclusivity permit interaction and discussion among colleagues who have different backgrounds, life experiences, and viewpoints. Diverse judges challenge and enhance one another's perspectives.

Inclusivity and diversity inspire and maintain public confidence in the judiciary. Public confidence is fragile. Diversity and inclusivity inspire confidence in the justice system by demonstrating a commitment to independence and impartiality. Representativeness and building trust in the judiciary is about ensuring that the public, including members of the society belonging to minority groups, see themselves reflected in the judiciary.