Jordan: Strengthening Together Justice for Children and Criminal Investigation

January 2018 - Amman, Jordan

Since 2014, UNODC has provided technical assistance to Jordan in order to accompany the Governmental institutions in their efforts to strengthen the criminal justice system.  This was undertaken in close partnership with the Public Security Directorate and the Judicial Council under the framework of the project 'Strengthening the Working Methodologies at the Public Security Directorate (PSD) in Jordan'.

In this project, UNODC focused on two main areas: justice for children and criminal investigation. As a result, in close partnership with the Juvenile Police Department and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), and in line with international norms and standards, a child-friendly environment was established at the police station level; four juvenile police branches refurbished in different cities; and a number of police officers and personnel of juvenile police were trained across the country.

The project contributed in improving the criminal investigation techniques through specialized and advanced capacity building activities and technical support provided to more than 1,200 criminal investigation officers. To ensure sustainability and national ownership, a training center for CID was established and provided with specialized training material and guidelines. These were developed by UNODC jointly with a national committee in cooperation with the Judicial Council and the Prosecution Office and endorsed by CID for training purposes.  

The project achieved the expected results by automating criminal investigations and interviews, as well as the management of criminal case files and procedures. A monitoring and tracking electronic system to monitor juvenile cases, collect necessary data, produce indicative reports and track procedural violations of laws and regulations at the police level was developed. Similarly, UNODC extended its support to CID and developed a new electronic monitoring and tracking system that will enable 50 branches of CID to collect criminal information, track any violations against laws and human rights and unify the procedures at the police station's level. The system links 50 branches of CID to Headquarters, allowing for a high-quality casefile preparation process and the extraction of qualitative reports on crime trends and criminal statistics.

Since 2003, UNODC started implementing this and other projects in Jordan, covering several aspects through sharing international best practices and exchanging experience in different thematic areas including human trafficking, cybercrime, countering terrorism, drug control, prison reform and prevention of violent extremism, as well as interagency coordination and facilitating different joint activities between the Department and the Judicial Council.

For more information on UNODC work under the project 'Strengthening the Working Methodologies at the Public Security Directorate (PSD) in Jordan', funded by the EU. Please see the following two awareness raising videos clips: 'Outcomes of the project 'Strengthening the working methodologies of the Public Security Directorate in Jordan 2014-2016' and 'The roles and responsibilities of the Juvenile Police Department in Jordan'.