UNODC’s Strategic Vision for Africa 2030 outlines our mission to provide more safety to Africa’s people, government and institutions from drugs, crime, corruption, terrorism and illicit financial flows. Our Vision 2030 seeks to strengthen crime prevention, enhance justice, address organized crime, ensure a balanced response to drugs, improve the rule of law and bolster resilience.

Building on decades of partnership and engagement with African countries, we will work within our unique mandate towards these goals with a focus on whole-of-society approaches and inclusion of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Africa has made considerable gains towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the aspirations of the Agenda 2063 of the African Union: The Africa We Want. Yet progress in several areas is not advancing at the scale nor speed required.

Around the globe and in Africa, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to reverse progress, hitting those most vulnerable hardest, and risking them being left behind further. Africa can leverage its many opportunities to help strengthen resilience to its challenges: the increasing youth demographic can come together in collective action for a sustainable future; Africa’s commitment towards digital transformation and technology is bold and can drive fast-paced growth and foster inclusion; Africa’s single market, wealth of natural resources and biodiversity offer advantages for the development of trade, industry, employment and tourism; urbanization widens opportunities for economic growth, human security, social development and cohesion.

value proposition

Photo: © UNODC Doha Declaration Global Programme

In response to Africa’s challenges, we will apply our unique value proposition of analytic, normative and technical cooperation.

We serve as the guardian of international conventions and the secretariat to UN policy-making bodies.

We provide strong and authoritative research products, policy analysis and we strengthen capacities of Member States in data, analysis, research and statistics. We combine global and local expertise through our extensive presence in Africa, providing specialized technical assistance to Member States.

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To enable tangible and sustainable progress in response to Africa’s most pressing challenges, we will intensify our focus in five investment areas, setting ourselves bold Agenda 2030-driven goals to meet our 54 objectives.

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change enablers

To make the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the AU Agenda 2063 a reality through transformation and broader impact, we will leverage six change enablers, mainstreaming these in our approaches across all five investment areas.

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Launch of the Strategic Vision For Africa 2030