Regional Framework for the Arab States 2023 - 2028


The Regional Framework for the Arab States 2023-2028 (henceforth ‘the Regional Framework’) sets out UNODC’s mission to contribute to peace and security, human rights, and development by making the region safer from drugs, crime, corruption, and terrorism, including by reducing violence and inequalities within society.

This document acts as the overarching strategic framework for cooperation between UNODC, 18 participating Member States and the League of Arab States (LAS). It frames how UNODC will strengthen, prioritize, customize, and deliver support to the Arab region in effective response to some of the most pressing challenges faced by these countries and in connection with UNODC’s mandates and specialities. It also lays out a roadmap to guide UNODC programming and to accelerate progress towards Agenda 2030 in pursuit of key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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