Meet the Staff

Office of the Regional Representative  

Cristina Albertin, Regional Representative

Mirna Bouhabib, Deputy Regional Representative

Essraa Soliman, Executive Associate to Regional Representative

Nermine Abdelhamid, Communication and Visibility Officer

Regional Programme:

Reporting and Project Development:

Caroline Carnbring, Reporting and Project Development Officer

Emilie Dael-Causse, Programme Coordinator and Development Assistant 

Combatting Organized Crime:

  • Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Programme

Binija Goperma, Regional Programme Coordinator

Neveen Salah, Project Officer

Merna Ashraf, Project Officer 

Safwa Ibrahim, Administrative Associate 

Milad Rosta, Associate Officer 

Nour El Houda Merzouk, Programme Associate (Algeria) 

Yassine Beldjebel, National Project Officer (Algeria) 

Bouchra Besseriani, Administrative Associate (Algeria) 

Martin Reeve, Programme Officer, the Global Action against Trafficking in Persons and the Smuggling of Migrants (GLO.ACT) (Iraq)

Zubaida Shakir, Project Officer, GLO.ACT(Iraq)

Hussein El Hares, Project Associate, GLO.ACT (Iraq)

Rasha Al-Sabah, Project Assistant, GLO.ACT (Iraq) 

Omeed Salih, National Project Officer (Iraq) 

Zahrae El Youbi, Project Assistant (Morocco)

Ola Elmagboul, Project Assistant (Sudan)

  • Container Control Programme (CCP)

Wolfgang Aigner, Regional Programme Coordinator (Lebanon) 

Joseph Khattar, Programme Officer (Iraq)

Khaled Al-Khasawneh, Programme Officer (Jordan)

Majd Isleem, Administrative Officer (Jordan) 

Mira Abou Chakra, Regional Programme Associate (Lebanon)

Maya Abi Adam, Law Enforcement Officer (Lebanon) 

Agostina Baccino, Associate Programme Officer (Lebanon)

Sami Aoun, Regional Programme Assistant (Lebanon) 

Mohamed Barka, Drug Control and Crime Prevention Officer (Morocco)

Mariem Saida, Project Assistant (Tunisia) 

  • Border Control Programme

Engy Hammouda, Programme Associate

May Naguib, Project Associate

  • Integrated Border Management (Jordan)

Mahmoud Frehat, Project Officer

  • Airport Communications Project (AIRCOP)

Dina Fayad, Regional Project Coordinator

Sarah El Bassoumy, Project Officer

Dina Mokbel, Project Associate

Nada Farrag, Project Associate

Mostapha Mouzouni, Senior Law Enforcement Expert (Morocco)

  • Criminal Intelligence analysis

Sadok Ben Rejeb, Program Officer (Tunisia)

Eye Mejri, Project Assistant (Tunisia) 

  • Forensics Programme

Stephanie Caubet, Regional Programme Coordinator

Tareq Omairi, Associate Project Officer

Dina El Sherbiny, Programme Associate

  • Global Maritime Crime Programme (GMCP) Programme

Giuseppe Sernia, Programme Coordinator 

Mayssam Zaky, Administrative Assistant 

Anas Mokdad, Administrative Associate (Algeria) 

Umer Khan, Programme Officer (Lebanon) 

Maryam Al Soussi, Project Assistant (Lebanon)

Elias Al Sissy, Programme Assistant (Lebanon) 

Chiara Attura, Programme Support Officer (Libya) 

Saleh Nahshal, Programme Officer (Yemen) 

Catherine Ngunjiri, Associate Programme Officer (Yemen) 

Countering Terrorism:

Hagar Farag, Project Officer

Safwa Hisham, Administrative Assistant 

Combating Corruption and Financial Crimes:

Mona Salem, Regional Programme Coordinator

Mahmoud Abou Bakr Ahmed, National Project Officer

Selim Zarif, Project Associate

Ahlam Abdelhakim, Administrative Assistant 

Mai Hosny, Anti-Corruption Specialist 

Ahmed Bughaighis, Project Officer(Libya)

Bilal Al Kormaji, Project Assistant (Libya)

Strengthening Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice:

Ihab El Minabbawy, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Expert

Nesma Elshazly, National Programme Officer  

Moushira Saleh, Programme Officer

Noor Almadani, Programme Assistant 

Farah ElGuindy, Programme Assistant

Walid Rabie, Technical Assistant 

Merna Marwan, Programme Assistant

Mohamed Amine, Project Manager (Algeria) 

Torben Adams, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer (Iraq) 

Kardo Ali, Project Officer, STRIVE Project (Iraq)  

Yasir Qasim Mohamed, Project Assistant, STRIVE Project (Iraq) 

Yomna Abouhussein, Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention Officer, STRIVE Project (Iraq) 

Saja Kadhem, Project Assistant, Prison Reform (Iraq)

Ahmed Sasi, Project Assistant, “Leaving no Children behind" project (Libya)

Marwaa Almagearby, National Project Officer (Children in Conflict with the Law) (Libya) 

Mutasem Awad, Project Manager (Palestine) 

George Bullata, Project Assistant (Palestine) 

Hajer Hemidi, Project Officer, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (Tunisia)   

Prevention of Drug Use, Treatment and Care of Drug Use Disorders and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care:  

Tariq Sonnan, Programme Coordinator

Reham Ali, National Project Officer 

Raghda Mohsen, Project Associate

Ibrahim Kabash, National Consultant (HIV Prevention and Care) 

Oum El Kheir, National Consultant (HIV Prevention and Care) (Algeria) 

Loubna Bounoua, Project Officer, Prison Health (Morocco)

Yassine Kalboussi, Consultant (Tunisia)

  • The Global Rapid Interdiction of Dangerous Substances (GRIDS) Programme, International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)

Ahmed El Deib, Drug Control Officer 

Operations Team

Claudia Ortega, Operations Manager

Yasmine Shafick, Programme Associate

Mohamed El Kady, Human Resources Associate 

Rana Al Ashiry,  Human Resources Assistant 

Mona Gamal, Finance Associate

Dalia Ahmed, Finance Assistant

Reem Kamel, Procurement Associate

Muhammad Abdelkarim, Procurement Assistant 

Mohamed Mahmoud, ICT Associate

Hani Ahmed, Messenger/Archivist

Ahmed Shazly, Driver

Khaled Souliman, Driver

Programme Offices

  • Algeria

Head of Office, Samia Chouchane, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer

  • Iraq

Head of Office, Ali El Bereir, Senior Programme Coordinator

Noor Al-Darraji, Translator 

Taim Al-Ani, Security Driver

  • Jordan

Head of Office, Amjad Al-A'darbeh, Programme Manager

Rule of law:

Dina Kattan, Programme Officer 

  • Lebanon

Head of Office, Renee Sabbagh, Programme Specialist

Rita Raidy, System Analyst 

Lamia Farhat, Project Associate 

Shereen Baz, National Programme Officer  

Ahmad Halawi, Finance Associate 

Mira Koubeissi, Communication and Visibility Coordinator

Tony Abbas, Project Assistant 

Wafic Kawas, Driver 

  • Libya

Head of Office, Polleak Ok Serei, Programme Coordinator 

Nabil Abuamer, Project Officer  

Abdulrahim Alabani, Driver/Protocol Clerk 

  • Morocco

Head of Office, Siham Al Figuigui, Programme Coordinator

  • Palestine

Head of Office, Khaldoun Sabri Oweis, Coordination Officer

Anastasia Perevalova, Programme Development and Communications Specialist

  • Sudan

Gafar Gahboush, National Project Analyst 

Hanadi Abdelraheim, Project Manager 

Hafez Hassan, Driver

  • South-Sudan 

Moses Banipai,Countering Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Expert   

  • Tunisia

Head of Office a.i, Ilyes Kessal, Programme Officer, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

Julie Astoul, Research Officer 

Paola Ticozzi, Research and Awareness UNV

Sabri Othmani, Senior Driver/ Administration Clerk

  • Yemen

Omar Alodat, Programme Officer