Viet Nam Strengthens Asset Confiscation with Support from the Republic of Korea

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Hanoi (Viet Nam), 6 October, 2023 –Changes in asset confiscation processes regarding corruption and economic crime in Viet Nam has been a key priority for the country’s Ministry of Justice (MOJ) since 2020. Supporting these efforts, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has been working closely with the MOJ to enhance Viet Nam’s legal and policy framework concerning the confiscation of corrupt assets.

To this end, the MOJ requested UNODC’s assistance in facilitating a study tour to the Republic of Korea on 4-6 October 2023 for seven high-ranking officials to gain insights into Korean experiences and best practices related to the development of laws, policies and mechanisms on asset confiscation. During the visit, Viet Nam’s delegation engaged with various Korean institutions to enhance their understanding of asset confiscation practices, including meetings the Ministry of Justice (KMOJ), the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, the Supreme Court, and the Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO).

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Throughout the visit, participants increased their understanding of the Korean legal framework on anti-corruption and confiscation of stolen assets; protocols, procedures, achievements, challenges and experiences in confiscating stolen assets; regulations related to bailiffs; the management of confiscated assets after the transfer of ownership rights to the government; and procedures and protocols related to selling these assets (auction and on-bid).

Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Director General of the Civil Judgement Execution Administration within MOJ, conveyed his gratitude to UNODC for organizing this study visit, emphasizing that the knowledge gained from Korean partners was invaluable in shaping specific policy recommendations on asset confiscation in corruption and economic crime in Viet Nam’s context. He said, “This paves the way for MOJ representatives to propose changes in asset confiscation procedures that are currently under discussion at the National Assembly of Viet Nam”.

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This study tour followed UNODC’s study on international experiences on non-conviction-based asset forfeiture and specific recommendations to Viet Nam, and two workshops facilitated by UNODC in Viet Nam in November 2022 to explore concrete recommendations for improving national laws and policies related to the confiscation of corrupt assets. Furthermore, the collaboration between Viet Nam and the Republic of Korea strengthened the interagency and international relationships between the MOJ and its Korean partners, which are expected to facilitate further cooperation in the field of asset confiscation and anti-corruption efforts in Southeast Asia.

This activity was conducted with funding provided by the Government of the Republic of Korea.


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