1. Prevalence of drug use (tables)

1.1. Prevalence of drug use in the general population - regional and global estimates
1.2. Prevalence of drug use in the general population - national data
1.3. Prevalence of drug use in the youth population
1.4. Prevalence of NPS among general and youth population
1.5. Prevalence of NPS use among general and youth population

2. Drug-related morbidity (table)

2.1. Estimates of people who inject drugs, and those living with HIV, HCV and HBV

3. Drug-related mortality (table)

3.1. Drug-related mortality

4. Treatment demand (table)

4.1. Primary drug among persons treated for drug problems

5. Illicit drug cultivation and production (tables)

5.1. Coca/Cocaine
5.1.1. Illicit cultivation of coca bush
5.1.2. Eradication of coca bush
5.1.3. Manufacture of cocaine
5.2. Opium/Heroin
5.2.1. Illicit cultivation of opium poppy
5.2.2. Potential production of oven-dry opium
5.2.3. Cultivation of opium poppy and production of opium in other countries, and eradication of opium poppy
5.2.4. Manufacture of heroin from illicit opium production
5.3. Cannabis
5.3.1. Cannabis cultivation, production and eradication

6. Seizures of illicit drugs

6.1. National data (tables)
6.1.1. Seizures, national data (pdf)
6.1.2. Seizures, national data (Excel)
6.2. Seizures of illicit drugs by region and high ranking countries (graphs)
6.2.1. ATS
6.2.2. Cannabis resin
6.2.3. Cannabis herb
6.2.4. Cocaine
6.2.5. Ecstasy
6.2.6. Opiates
6.3. Trafficking flows (maps)
6.3.1. Main heroin trafficking flows
6.3.2. Main cocaine trafficking flows
6.3.3. Main methamphetamine trafficking flows
6.3.4. Reported tramadol seizures (and/or misuse) and major tramadol trafficking/diversion flows

7. Prices and purity of illicit drugs (tables)

7.1. Amphetamine-type stimulants
7.2. Cannabis
7.3. Cocaine
7.4. Opioids
7.5. Cocaine and heroin prices in Western Europe and United States (time series)

8. Illicit manufacturing of drugs (table)

8.1. Clandestine laboratories detected and dismantled

9. Drug-related crimes (table)

9.1. Drug-related crimes

10. Responses to Annual Reports Questionnaire (table)

10.1. Responses to Annual Reports Questionnaire (demand and supply)


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