Acknowledgement to Funding Partners


UNODC appreciates the trust that donors place in its work and the generous assistance received to support its Country Programme for Pakistan. From 2010- 2015, UNODC Pakistan Country Office has been able to provide substantial support and technical assistance to the Government of Pakistan through the implementation of the following areas:

Sub-programme 1 - Illicit Trafficking and Border Management

                    Outcome 1: Drug and precursor trafficking operations identified and acted upon

                    Outcome 2: Human trafficking and migrant smuggling operations identified and acted upon

                    Outcome 3: Enhanced border management, including through cross-border collaboration 

Sub-programme 2 - Criminal Justice

                    Outcome 4: More effective delivery of law enforcement services

                    Outcome 5: More effective prosecution of criminal cases

                    Outcome 6: Prison management improved in line with international standards

                    Outcome 7: Corrupt practices identified and acted on by state agencies

                    Outcome 11: Relieve immediate equipment and infrastructure shortfalls for front-line law enforcement in flood-affected areas

Sub-programme 3 - Drug Demand Reduction and HIV/AIDS

                   Outcome 8: Improved availability and use of data on drug use

                   Outcome 9: Access to, and quality of, treatment, rehabilitation and related HIV services enhanced

                   Outcome 10: Prevention programming mainstreamed through education systems and community-based interventions


These activities have been made possible through the generous support of UN Member States and International Agencies of the following countries:













The Netherlands






United Kingdom


United States of America


UNODC, in cooperation with the government and the people of Pakistan, wishes to express its sincere appreciation for these generous contributions which have enabled the provision of critical support to the Government of Pakistan's efforts to combat various challenges facing the Government in the areas of illicit trafficking, criminal justice and drug demand reduction and HIV/AID prevention and treatment.  

We look forward to making further advances on these important issues thanks to the continued support of these and other donors.


Cesar Guedes

UNODC Representative in Pakistan