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Drug Laws/Individual Listing for CANADA

Drug Laws/Individual Listing
The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), 1996
The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) is the main piece of legislation for drug control. The CDSA contains six Schedules setting out the specific substances that are subject to the Act. Governor in Council approval is required to amend the Schedules, and requires the Minister of Health to develop a regulatory proposal for consideration of the Treasury Board (a Cabinet Committee). Process (from assessment to final publication of a regulation in Canada Gazette, Part II) typically takes 18-24 months. This process was recently used to add several NPS to the Schedules to the CDSA: In April 2012, BZP and TFMPP were added to Schedule III (SOR/2012-66 March 30, 2012). In September 2012, MDPV was added to Schedule I (SOR/2012-176 September 20, 2012).

In August 2015, Salvia Divinorum was placed under control, through its inclusion in the Schedule IV to the controlled drugs and substances act. The amendment order will entered into force 180 days after the day on which it was published in the Canada Gazette.

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