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Drug Laws/Individual Listing for COLOMBIA

Drug Laws/Individual Listing
Resolution 1478/2006 (normas para el control, seguimiento y vigilancia de la importación, exportación, procesamiento, síntesis, fabricación, distribución, dispensación, compra, venta, destrucción y uso de sustancias sometidas a fiscalización, medicamentos o cualquier otro producto que las contengan y sobre aquellas que son monopolio del Estado) (sp)

Colombia’s Law 30 of 1986 places authority with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the National Drug Council (NFE) to set and publish the lists of controlled substances.

Ministry of Social Protection Resolution 1478 of 2006 defines “medications subject to control” as having “one or more active ingredients of special control, catalogued as such in the conventions of narcotic drugs (1961), precursors (1988) and psychotropic (1971), or by the National Government,” noting that new dispositions of the United Nations will be followed in maintaining the lists. It then sets forth two lists in Articles 6 (State monopoly, in itemized list form) and 7 (controlled substances, referring to outside lists). By proclamation, Colombia regularly incorporates updates to the INCB lists into national law.

In 2009, Colombia indicated that N,N-dimethylamphetamine precursors would be added to Article 7.

Law 30

Res. 1478/2006

Res. 2335 of 2009 (N,N-dimethylamphetamine)

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