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Drug Laws/Individual Listing for SPAIN

Drug Laws/Individual Listing
Order SAS/1916/2009, of 8 July

Since 2000, a number of NPS have been added to the list of controlled substances. In Spain the list of controlled substances included in the international drug control conventions has not been transposed to the national legislation and it is therefore referred directly by judicial authorities - for the interpretation and application of the laws in accordance with the art. 2 of the law 17/1967 and art. 1 of the Royal Decree 2829/1977- whenever it is necessary. Royal Decree 2829/1977 regulates the manufacture, distribution and prescription of psychotropic substances and preparations. This Decree contains an Annex where both substances under international control are included as well as other substances controlled at the national level. BZP was added in 2009 (Order SAS/1916/2009, of 8 July); Ketamine was added in 2010 (Order SAS/2712/2010, of 13 October) and mephedrone was added in 2011 (Order SPI/201/2011, of February 3rd). Other NPS that are included in this list are 2C- substances and PMMA. In 2014, 5-IT was included in Schedule I of the Royal Decree 2829/1977” (Spanish National Gazette dated 19 May 2014).

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