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Drug Laws/Individual Listing for FRANCE

Drug Laws/Individual Listing
Decree Law 22 February 1990 establishing the list of substances considered as drugs (conslidated version up to August 10, 2013)
The list of controlled drugs is annexed to the Decree Law of 22 February 1990 and is divided into four schedules/lists. List IV refers to substances not under international control. Since 2005 several NPS have been added to the list of controlled substances. Khat was added in 1995 (Decree of 19 July 1995); PMMA was added in 2002 (Decree 22 April, 2002); TMA-2, 2C-T-2, 2C-T-7 were added in 2003 (Decree 23 October 2003); 2C-I was added in 2004 (Decree 18 of August 2004); Mimosa hostilis was added in 2005 (Decree of 20 April 2005); BZP in 2008 (Decree of 5th May 2008); JWH-018, a number of CP- compounds and HU-210 were added in 2009 (Decree of 24th February 2009); mephedrone was added in 2010 (Decree of 7th June 2010); 4-FA was added in 2011 (Decree of 7th march 2011); 4-methylamphetamine was added in 2012 (Decree of 10 September 2012) and 5-IT in 2013 (Decree of 22 July 2013).

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