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Early Warning Mechanisms for ARGENTINA

Early Warning Mechanisms
Decree No. 33/2017 (amending Decree No. 357/2002, which defines SEDRONAR’s powers)
In December 2016, the Argentine National Drug Observatory, a division of SEDRONAR, Argentina’s Secretary of Programming for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and the Fight against Narcotrafficking, launched an Early Warning System (EWS), recognizing the impetus and research provided by the UNODC. The EWS provides a portal for registered users to report the emergence of New Psychoactive Substances so that the substances can be evaluated for their composition, adulterants, toxicity, and addictive power, allowing SEDRONAR to refer the substance for inclusion in the country’s schedules of controlled substances, or not. In early 2017, management of the EWS was officially included in SEDRONAR’s legal competence.

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