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Early Warning Mechanisms for COLOMBIA

Early Warning Mechanisms
Res. 1/2016 (se crea el Sistema de Alertas Tempranas en el marco del Observatorio de Drogas de Colombia) (sp)
Colombia has a National Drug Observatory (ODC) that, among other things, monitors the country for New Psychoactive Substances and new trends in drug use. The Early Warning System (EWS) started operating in 2013, and in 2016, with Resolution No. 1/2016, the National Drug Council (NFE) legally established the EWS within the ODC. The stated purpose of the EWS is to allow the country to respond quickly to the appearance of New Psychoactive Substances, defined as “emerging drugs not included in the lists of controlled substances in the international conventions.”

According to Resolution 1/2016, the EWS, constituted of officials from 6 government agencies, must collect and analyse reliable information about emerging drugs and direct the information to authorities and the public. The EWS monitors not only for new substances but also for adulterants, cutting substances, changes in purities, falsification, and any change of pattern in consumption or substances.

In addition to hosting its own publications, the EWS website posts UNODC publications regarding new substances, as well as a link to the Laboratory and Scientific Section portal.

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