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Generic Legislation for DENMARK

Generic Legislation
Act no. 163 of 28 February 2012 amending the Act on psychoactive substances (da)

In 2012, the Act No. 163 of 28 February 2012 (in force since July 2012) was passed to amend the Narcotic Drugs Act, No. 748 of 1 July 2008. The new regulation complements the individual listing of substances for purposes of control, making possible to control entire group of substances. Accordingly, the Minister of Health is entitled to introduce bans against entire group of substances, if recommended by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority or an international resolution has been made to this effect. In July 2012 several groups of NPS were added to the list of controlled substances contained in List B of the Act No. 748 of July 1st 2008. These include cathinones, cannabinoids (consisting of the following subgroups: benzoylindol, cyclohexylphenol, naphthoylindol, naphthoylpyrrol, naphthylmethylinden, naphthylmethylindol, phenylacetylindol), phenethylamines and tryptamines.

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