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Generic Legislation for FRANCE

Generic Legislation
Decree of 27 July, 2012
In 2012, for the first time, the Decree of 27th July 2012 from the Health Ministry, acting on ANSM (French National Agency of Medicine and Health Product Safety) recommendation, amended the Decree of 22 February 1990 establishing the list of substances classified as narcotics and psychotropic substances list, by adding generic definition of NPS for purposes of control. Accordingly, the inclusion of mephedrone as a controlled substance was replaced by an introduction of a generic definition of cathinones under which “every molecule derived from cathinone, its salts and stereoisomers” that complies with a description provided in the law will be considered as a controlled substance. Examples of this generic definition include BMDB, BMDP, butylone, MDPV and others.

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