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Other Regulations/Medicine Legislation for AUSTRIA

Other Regulations/Medicine Legislation
Arzneimittelgesetz (AMG) (ger)
In 2008, Austria used its medicine legislation to respond to the emergence of synthetic cannabinoids, particularly those sold as “spice” which were identified to contain the NPS JWH-018. The definition of a “drug” provided under §§ 1 paragraph 1 Z 5, 5 and 78 of the Medicine Law (AMG), i.e. substances or preparation of substances, which according to the customary use in the trade, are used on or in the human body to influence the character, condition or the functioning of the body or of the mind” served to take such products from the market and to stop the continued marketing. In 2009, a regulation prohibited the marketing, importation and introduction of incense containing JWH-018, several CP-compounds, HU-2010, and others (BGBI II No. 6/2009; BGBl. II Nr. 58/2009; BGB. II Nr. 341/2010; BGBl. II Nr. 57/2011)

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