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Other Regulations/Medicine Legislation for FINLAND

Other Regulations/Medicine Legislation
Amendment 1095/2009 to the Medicines Act 395-1987 (fin)
Medicine legislation was initially used in Finland to counter NPS. New psychoactive substances such as 5-MeO-AMT, 5-MeO-MIPT, mephedrone, bromodragonfly, several JWH- compounds and others were classified in 2009 in the Pharmaceutical Substances List, Annex I (see Finnish Medicines Agency’s decision on the drug list 1095/2009 amending the Medicines Act 395/87), prior to their inclusion in the list of controlled substances included in Government Decree 543/2008 years later. This legislation is not longer used to control NPS, following the decision of ECJ of June 2014, which stated that NPS did not fall under the definition of medicines under the EU Law.

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