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Rapid Procedure for DENMARK

Rapid Procedure
Decree 187 of 08/03/2011 amending the Consolidated Act no. 748 of 1 July 2008 on Euphoriant Substances (da)
An Executive Order on Euphoriant Substances amending the list of controlled substances can enter into force in two to three days, from the issuing of the recommendation by the National Board of Health. For instance, on 8 of March 2011 the Executive Order No. 187 was issued to control methyl amphetamine and 22 synthetic cannabinoids (in force on 11.03.2011) [BEK nr 187 af 08/03/2011]; on 30 May 2012 Executive order No. 506 placed methoxetamine in the list of controlled substances (in force on 2.06.2012) [BEK nr 506 af 30/05/2012] and on 28.09.2012 Executive order No. 971 of 28 September 2012 placed 5-IT under control (in force since 30.09.2012) [BEK nr 971 af 28/09/2012].

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