Libya: Developing a national roadmap for prison reform

Tunis, Tunisia – 30 January 2022 

In As the guardian of the Nelson Mandela Rules, UNODC supports Member States with technical assistance and advisory services in the area of prison reform to uphold international norms and standards and thereby reduce the scope of imprisonment, strengthen prison management, improve prison conditions and facilitate the social integration of prisoners upon release.

An example of South-South cooperation, UNODC organized in collaboration with the Libyan Ministry of Justice and the Algerian Prison Administration, a three-day workshop in Tunis with government representatives from Libya and the Algerian Prison Administration to exchange experiences, best practices and challenges with regards to reforming the Libyan penitentiary system in line with international norms and standards.

The workshop was part of the project “Strengthening Prison Reform in Libya, Under the Guiding Principles of Rehabilitation and Social Integration” funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

During the three-day workshop, participants discussed how to address challenges and initiate reform in Libya with regards to the penitentiary system and focused on the specific needs and challenges in the context of Libya. Some of the areas highlighted are the living conditions for inmates, prisons’ infrastructure, prison security, prison health and internal and external challenges faced by the Libyan prison administration.

The outcome of the discussions during the three-day workshop serves as a first step in developing a national roadmap on prison reform in Libya tailored to the specific needs of the Libyan penitentiary system.

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