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Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice


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Education plays a key role in preventing crime and promoting a culture of lawfulness that supports human rights and fundamental freedoms for all. The E4J initiative is developing a series of Modules on crime prevention and criminal justice, which lecturers can use as a basis for teaching in universities and academic institutions all around the world. Addressing a broad range of criminal justice topics, the series will equip students with knowledge about the fundamental role that effective, fair, humane and accountable crime prevention and criminal justice institutions play in support of the rule of law and the promotion of peace. To increase their effectiveness, the Modules will connect theory to practice, encourage critical thinking, and use innovative interactive teaching approaches such as experiential learning and group-based work. The Modules will be multi-disciplinary and can be integrated in existing courses on criminology, law, political science, international relations, sociology, and many other disciplines. The broad range of examples used to elucidate the United Nations standards and norms on crime prevention and criminal justice means that the Modules are relevant globally. The Modules can also be adapted by lecturers to address specific local and cultural contexts, and the E4J Teaching Guide on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice will provide lecturers with additional guidance on teaching the modules across multidisciplinary settings.

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The following modules will become available online in late 2018:

  • Module 1: United Nations Norms and Standards on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
  • Module 2: Crime Prevention
  • Module 3: Access to Legal Aid
  • Module 4: Use of Force and Firearms
  • Module 5: Police Accountability, Integrity and Oversight
  • Module 6: Prison Reform
  • Module 7: Alternatives to Imprisonment
  • Module 8: Restorative Justice
  • Module 9: Violence against Women
  • Module 10: Gender in the Criminal Justice System
  • Module 11: Justice for Victims
  • Module 12: Violence against Children
  • Module 13: Justice for Children
  • Module 14: Independence of the Judiciary and the Role of Prosecutors