The Regional Programme to Prevent and Combat Crime, Terrorism and Health Threats and Strengthen Criminal Justice Systems in Line with International Human Rights Standards (2016-2021)

Following the successful completion of the first Regional Programme, countries of the region requested a second Programme. The second Regional Programme in the Middle East and North will continue the work on initiatives from the first Regional Programme with the ongoing objective to support Arab States' efforts to bring peace and stability to the region by further enabling governments to effectively and efficiently combat organized crime, terrorism and corruption, in compliance with the rule of law and human rights standards. Under the Regional Programme's framework, challenges posed by illicit trafficking, terrorism and corruption will also be addressed. The strengthening of criminal justice systems and crime prevention as building blocks for security, human rights and peace will play a prominent role as UNODC continues to work with national governments on these issues as well as on finding effective ways to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

In partnership with the League of Arab States, UNODC organized a three-day meeting with Arab countries to endorse the new Regional Programme. The meeting, which was held in Cairo during the period 15-17 December 2015, was attended by representatives from the Ministries of Interior, Justice and Health from participating Arab countries covered by the UNODC Regional Programme.

The Regional Programme was launched in May 2016 by UNODC Executive Director, Yuri Fedotov and the former Secretary General of the League of Arab states, Nabil Al Arabi. The Regional Programme is the strategic umbrella for a coherent and integrated approach to the challenges observed in the region and the needs identified through ongoing projects in the region.

Structure of the Regional Programme: 

The overarching theme of the Regional Programme is the promotion of rule of law and human development and the full integration of the evolving human security threats posed by drugs and crime into the Middle East and Northern Africa development agenda. National experts from the Member States in the region, in partnership with UNODC and the League of Arab States, reaffirmed the importance of coordinating their efforts to advance five priority Subprogrammes:

  • Combating Organized Crime
  • Countering Terrorism
  • Combating Corruption and Financial Crimes
  • Strengthening Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
  • Prevention of Drug Use, Treatment and Care of Drug Use Disorders and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care