Change Begins from Within: New UNODC Anti-Corruption Campaign Advocates

With a tagline "A glimpse in the mirror might be the right start", urging people to be the change they want to see in life, UNODC launched its second media campaign to fight corruption in Egypt on 24 May 2017. The campaign developed in close partnership with the National Coordinating Sub-Committee for Preventing and Fighting Corruption will run for two months.

Building on the first national anti-corruption campaign that was aired last Ramadan and had attracted more than 55 million views, this year's campaign aims to raise public awareness about the costs of corruption and encourages citizen participation in the fight against it. Incorporating four TV Public Service Announcements (PSAs), the campaign tackles different forms of corruption such as the manipulation of prices to secure greatest gain, and corruption in educational and medical services.

Scheduled to air more than 650 times daily through various public and private TV channels, it is anticipated that the campaign will inspire Egyptians to act by promoting the notion that change has to start at the individual level. Viewers are encouraged to lead the change by reflecting on their own behavior while comparing it to the negative behaviors presented by the scenarios in the PSAs. Additionally, citizens are encouraged to report corrupt acts to the authorities concerned through a hotline advertised by the campaign.

Aiming to influence a wide range of people, the campaign delivers its message on several platforms. A TV Jingle will be broadcasted, communicating the same notions raised by the PSAs. Animated infographics and billboards will also be developed and installed to provide viewers with more information about corruption forms.

Corruption is identified as one of the major challenges to sustainable inclusive economic development in Egypt. However, the country has witnessed some major reforms to address this phenomenon, especially through legislative reforms, the development of national action plans and strategies, and fighting corrupt practices and promote integrity. Since July 2011, UNODC has been assisting the country's anti-corruption efforts through its project " Supporting Measures to Combat Corruption and Money Laundering, and to Foster Asset Recovery, in Egypt", funded by the European Union and the Government of Canada.

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