Participate for Impact - Regional Competition on Youth and Community Led Initiatives

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#PARTICIPATE4IMPACT is a UNODC initiative enabling youth, youth associations, civil society organizations and academic centres in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, and Sudan to develop innovative initiatives empowering young people, strengthening their resilience and providing social and economic alternatives to drugs, violence, crime and corruption.


 Youth between 15 and 29 years of age in high schools, universities, youth centres, gatherings, and networks in the participating countries.
• NGOs, civil society organizations and academic centres concerned with youth empowerment in the participating countries.


There are 3 competitive categories:
• Youth and community initiatives on the prevention of drug abuse and addiction. 
• Youth and community initiatives on the prevention of violence crime, and corruption.
•  Youth and community initiatives to empower youth and increase their meaningful participation in addressing social issues in their communities
Participants are required to submit a concept note following the outline structure below, detailing their proposed initiative. Although the initiative should be innovative and new, it can build on or complement previous initiatives.
These initiatives can include art, technology, sports, education, awareness, development, empowerment, advocacy, preventive and/or therapeutic programmes, or any creative youth programmes centred on the main topics of interest for young people.
I. Introduction (Outline the importance, relevance and goals of the initiative)
II. Situation Analysis (Identify related challenges and causes)
III. Objectives (results/impact) and Target Population (Provide clear outcomes and specify target communities)
IV. Strategy Development (Formulate the theory of change aligned with problems and objectives)
V. Implementation Plan (Describe detailed steps, activities, resources, timeline and stakeholder collaboration)
VI. Monitoring and Evaluation (Design the mechanism for collecting data and measuring effectiveness)
VII. Community Engagement and Inclusivity (Describe how the initiative will engage with the target groups)
VIII. Sustainability and Long-term Impact (Ensure the sustainability of the initiative beyond the implementation period)
IX. Brief description of the initiative (Summarize the initiative in one page) 


The competition offers rewards and incentives for participation at both national and regional levels:
• At the national level, there are three competitive categories for individuals and organizations, with a total of six winners. The three individuals who win in their respective categories will each receive a tablet device. The three organizations that win in their respective categories will each receive support worth $4000 to help implement their initiatives.
• The national winners will get the opportunity to represent their respective countries at the Regional Competition taking place in Cairo.
• At the regional level, there will be two winners: one individual and one organization. The individual winner will receive a laptop device. The organization winner will receive an additional $5000 to further support their initiative.
•  All winners will receive a certificate of recognition from UNODC for their efforts toward promoting youth empowerment and social development.
• Additionally, all participants will receive a certificate of participation, acknowledging their valuable contributions to the competition.
•  Moreover, participants in the regional competition will also receive "Youth 4 Impact" giveaways to commemorate their participation and achievements. 


The initiatives should correspond to the following technical criteria:
• Relevance to mandate and programme: The initiative must have a clear and well-defined objective that addresses the main issue of concern for the target groups.
• Implementation plan: The initiative should have a clear and feasible implementation plan that outlines the specific steps and activities required to achieve the desired outcomes.
• Innovation and creativity: The initiative should use innovative and creative approaches and interventions to achieve its goal.
• Results and impact: The initiative should demonstrate direct and measurable results and have a clear, tangible impact on the target groups and the community.
• Sustainability of results: The initiative should have a plan for continuity and sustainability beyond the competition period, including the use of local resources and the involvement of relevant stakeholders.
Evaluation: The initiative should have a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating its effectiveness, including the collection of data and feedback from target groups and stakeholders.
• Participatory approach/inclusivity: The initiative should involve and engage the target groups, including, if relevant, the most marginalized and at-risk, and relevant stakeholders in the planning, implementation, and evaluation processes.
The national evaluation committee will assess the submitted initiatives based on technical criteria and extend interview invitations to selected candidates. The final selection process will depend on the results of the interview.


Fill in the registration form for individual participants or for organizations and attach the document with your initiative by 13 July 2023. The initiatives should be submitted in Arabic language.
Successful candidates will be contacted for further steps by UNODC.
If you have questions or experience technical issues, please contact