Mitigation and social inclusion


Responsible consumption of alcohol among adults

Since 2007, the Programme  has supported the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in the strengthening of its programme "Rules for Life: Know how to Drink, Know how to Live, Safe Consumption" to mitigate damage associated with excessive consumption of alcohol in the adult population in 14 cities, as well as using communication activities to implement an awareness-raising strategy.

In the city of Bogota, the Programme has worked in the localities of Chapinero and Usaquen to implement symbolic actions that promote the prevention and mitigation of alcohol abuse. These actions were developed through community work based on the methodology of Participatory Action Research (PAR), using the technique of social cartography and a training programme for agents that work in the prevention and mitigation of excessive consumption of alcohol.

Low-threshold services or Drop in Centers

Accompaniment was provided for the strategy implemented by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection that provides assistance to highly vulnerable populations: homeless people, internally displaced persons and informal workers. This was delivered in partnership with a number of NGO in four different cities: Cali, Bogota, Bucaramanga and Pasto.